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Friday, May 6th, 2011 10:00 pm

The organizers did a very nice job of putting this con together.  I loved that it was a cheaper, smaller con.  It might have been nice to have some more choices in programming or to have restaurants on site, but the more intimate feel and chance to socialize and affordability made up for that, at least for me.  Even though the restaurant at the hotel wasn't open yet because it was still the "off-season," there was a grocery store very close by and restaurants that were within easy walking distance.  The deli had really good food at good prices.

After lunch on Friday, [ profile] maf779  and I took pictures from down by the lake (outside of our building, aptly titled the Lake building). 

This is the event tent where the fashion show, the ball and the leaving feast were held.  Really a nice venue. 

event tent

The resort was on a beautiful lake.  The water was too cold to enjoy the lake other than to look at it, but we could see the sun going down over the lake from the Lake Building and the event tent.

We then checked out the vendor room and met up with the Malfoys.  I was feeling pretty tired, so I went back to the room and took a nap and worked on my Exchange prompts.  (Hey, I actually had time to myself to concentrate -- something that is hard for me to get at home.)  We met up with [ profile] pyjamapants  and[ profile] pokeystar for supper.

Friday night was the TPP fic reading.  There was such a nice selection of different ships and styles of stories by [ profile] lariopefic , sapphire_phoenix, [ profile] annietalbot ,[ profile] juniperus , [ profile] machshefa , and [ profile] pokeystar .  I nearly broke a rib laughing at[ profile] dickgloucester 's new story "Tickled."  If you haven't started reading it, go... go now.  I'll post pictures from Saturday next.


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