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Friday, May 20th, 2011 11:07 pm

Since the SS/HG Exchange mods suggested it, here is some more on my likes/dislikes:

I read and enjoy any or all of the following in SS/HG fic:  humor, drama, hurt/comfort, mystery, romance.  I like plot, characterization, and romantic build-up more than pr0n.  I still enjoy some of the well-loved (some may say well-worn) early challenges of SS/HG fiction, such as marrialge law challenge, yenta challenge, time-turner fic.  I like new spells and thinking about how magic might work in the Harry Potter world.  I enjoy secondary characters and don't mind OCs.  Happy ending, please.  :)

That's not an exhaustive list.  I can read and enjoy most anything if it's well-written.  However, I'm not crazy about dark fic, ghost fic, or portrait fic.  I prefer a story that does not have extreme Ron-bashing, although I've enjoyed stories with Ron-bashing--I just prefer it not to be emphasized.

As far as art, I'm not crazy about the Alan Rickman/Emma Watson combination.  I prefer a couple who is closer together in age.  You could use one or the other of them or neither of them.  I'm not crazy about more abstract forms of art or anime style.  I like blues, greens, purples, reds.

Between this and my sign-up comments, I hope this helps with figuring out what I like and dislike.  I will appreciate the time and effort put into whatever gift I receive.

Edit:  I should mention that I'm a former English teacher, so I can't help but notice your grammar and punctuation usage.  A mistake here or there is no big deal, but it would help me enjoy your story more if I didn't have to pull out my quill and red ink.  :)  Sorry--occupational hazard. 



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